Adoption Information

Greyhounds placed through Greyhound Pets of America-South Carolina are usually between two and six years old. Most females weigh between 55 to 65 pounds, while the males weigh between 65 to 75 pounds. They stand from 26 to 29 inches at the shoulder. They are a clean breed, known for having no smell. Greyhounds have short hair, shed very little, come in a variety of colors, and are housetrained.

New Greyhounds are placed in our unique foster prison program for a minimum of three weeks to help them make a smooth transition from living in a track kennel to living around people. After undergoing obedience training, our greyhounds are placed in a home with a foster family to transition to a home environment. By the time they reach their new 'forever home,' they have received extensive training and are well suited to fit into a family living environment.

Greyhound Pets of America-South Carolina/Carolina Greyhound Adoptions would like to introduce you to our current adoptable Greyhounds. Through, we offer a current picture and up-to-date description of each of our adoptable Greyhounds.

Each Greyhound receives a thorough veterinary examination, which includes rabies and DHLPP, heartworm testing, spay/neuter, and teeth cleaning. In additon, all incoming GPA-SC greyhounds are microchipped.

Due to an increase in transportation costs and vet expenses (spaying/neutering, dentals, and vaccines the greyhound receive in Florida) we find it necessary to increase our adoption fee.

Starting with applications dated May 1st, the adoption fee of $275 for greyhounds less than eight (8) years old, and $150 for greyhounds eight (8) years and older, helps off-set the veterinary costs, transportation from Florida to South Carolina, and food while the Greyhound is in the foster home. Also included in the adoption fee is a Greyhound safety collar and matching lead, muzzle, and an adoption guide that includes all of your greyhound's veterinary records.

While Greyhound Pets of America-South Carolina/Carolina Greyhound Adoptions tries to accommodate special requests, our primary goal is to match the Greyhound to the adoptive household, whether the need is for a laid-back companion or a dog suited to an active household with children, cats, and/or other pets.


The Greyhound's devotion to people is legendary. Many people have never met a Greyhound and are unaware of what wonderful and loving pets they make. To meet a Greyhound please see our events calendars for a meet & greet in your area, or for additional information, contact Liz Robson at (803) 732-4369 or EMAIL