Greyhound Questions
  • What should I expect if I adopt a greyhound?                                                                             The number one answer to this question is LOVE. Greyhounds are very loving and sensitive creatures. If left up to them, you will have a 70 pound lap dog on your hands. Unless your greyhound has been previously placed in a foster home, everything is new to them. Expect them to be somewhat confused and very curious. House manners have to be learned, but Greyhounds are very intelligent dogs and learn quickly. Things like going up and down stairs may take a little while for them to get used to. Mirrors are also new and a source of amusement to them. You should expect a period of adjustment. Not all Greyhounds adjust as fast as others. A lot of patience and understanding is needed through this adjustment period. Greyhounds are excellent travelers and will enjoy taking trips with you. They are very sociable and attract a crowd where ever they go, so expect to meet new friends through your new pet.

  • Does my Greyhound need a special space in the house?
    During their racing career, your Greyhound never lived anywhere outside of its cage and/or kennel. The best thing is to let them decide on their own personal space. Usually this will be your bedroom, next to your bed. They seem to want to be as close as possible to you at all times. Only use a crate if you see it is needed after the adoption and all avenues have been tried.