To insure that if any of our greyhounds become lost, he or she can be quickly identified and returned faster and safer, GPA-South Carolina has been microchipping our foster dogs since 2002. It costs you nothing to register your grey's microchip -- there is no registration fee or annual fee with 24 Pet Watch. Collars and ID tags can come off or can be removed. Although ear tattoos are a way for you to identify your greyhound, outside of the "greyhound world", ear tattoos are rarely checked at animal shelters and give the shelter no way to contact the dog's owner. Microchips are scanned for at every shelter, and one toll-free call to the Recovery Center Data will identify you and your telephone number. Registering your greyhound's microchip is the best way to insure his or her safe return.

If you have previously registered your greyhound's microchip, but have moved or your telephone number has changed, you can easily up-date the info on 24 Pet watch's website -