For those who have an interest in the greyhound breed of dog, this is a great site to be visiting. Or for those who don’t know anything about these dogs, they are going to find this site to be most informative. Some of the topics we have covered about this breed are as follows.

The History

To really understand and appreciate the greyhound, it means taking a look at their history. It is a most intriguing one. It helps people to know why the greyhound is so famous for racing. It also helps to create a great understanding as to why this breed of dog is an excellent choice for a family pet.


If anyone is thinking of owning a greyhound, then they should begin by learning more about their characteristics. There is a very detailed post here which shares some interesting information about this breed of dog. Although known to be generally healthy, some characteristics about them should be known before deciding to own this breed of dog.


The greyhound is a very popular breed of dog. Mostly known because of its ability to race. It is, however, becoming more popular as a family pet. Being as this is a popular breed, it is now being used to market different types of products. There is a post here which talks about this, and it is quite interesting.

The Buying Decision

When the time has come to bring a dog into the family, one which really should be considered is the greyhound. But, before making that decision, some things need to be thought about and done. This post can be used as a guideline for this. Becoming a dog owner is undoubtedly a big decision, and the proper steps should be taken to make sure the right one is chosen.

The Retired Greyhound

One of the best choices a new dog owner can make is to choose to bring in a retired greyhound to the family. The post here will give some tips on training the retired dog for their new environment.

Greyhound Breeding

For those who are interested in breeding the greyhound, there is a great starter post here.