Every breed of dog undoubtedly has its own characteristics, and that is what makes them so appealing. The greyhound is a familiar breed which is not only used for racing but has become popular as a family pet.


These dogs are classified as having a lean build to them. As a result of this, they are not able to sleep on hard surfaces comfortably. If they are not provided with soft bedding, they tend to end up with sores on their skin, which can be quite painful. Their sleek physique is partially what has allowed them to be so successful in racing. There are some mixed breeds that have greyhound blood in them that participate in other sports.


Some may think that because this dog has racing traits that it would not make a good pet. This is not true, as they have a quiet, gentle nature about them, but they do better in a less noisy environment. Although they have a good temperament, they will fight if they are threatened or need to protect themselves.

They can adapt to a home with children and make great pets in this environment. However, the family has to realize that these dogs are sensitive by nature and need to be treated gently and kindly.

Another feature of these dogs is that they can live well in a small environment. They are not overly active, and they are noted for sleeping on average of eighteen hours a day. They are not known to be barkers.

Unique Features

Although the greyhound is considered to be generally healthy with no specific problems, they do have some unique features which can affect their health. To tend to their health care, it is wise to use a vet who is familiar with this breed, because their physiology is quite different from other dogs. They may be at greater risk for bloat and more sensitive to E.coli. Greyhounds also do not respond well to anaesthetics if they require medical treatment. They also have blood chemistry that is different from other breeds.

Overall, the greyhound is an excellent choice for those who want a quiet, friendly family pet.