When a dog breed is popular, it is not uncommon for it to be promoted by way of marketing. Many different marketing tactics can be used for this purpose, as for example unibet refer a friend. The marketing is not always done to promote the breed either. The popularity of the breed can be used for marketing purposes to sell products. One popular breed which is used for this purpose is the greyhound.

Common Items Used for Marketing

Products which are going to be sold by using graphics of dog breeds can really vary. Some of them are:

  • Coffee Mugs:

Any dog enthusiast, including those who love greyhounds, will have no problem finding a large selection of mugs of different sizes with images of greyhounds or other breeds on them. The colors, age, and size of the dogs used for the images will vary greatly as well.

  • Playing Cards:

This is another trendy item. For those looking for a gift for greyhound lovers, then a deck of playing cards with images of greyhounds on them would be ideal. These are great for playing the game of Blackjack 21 at Unibet which is in itself a popular provider of games.

  • Tee Shirts:

Most would agree that there is no problem finding a tee shirt with almost any image which one desires on it. This is an everyday item that is worn by dog lovers. For those who favor the greyhounds, they can easily find a good selection of tee shirts that promote this breed. Another option is having one custom made. A greyhound owner can even have a picture of their dog superimposed on a tee shirt to make it really unique for them.

Computer Games

Greyhound racing is a big sport. However, it is losing ground in its popularity. Most often, when an activity is popular, there will be a computer game developed to mimic it virtually. There are greyhound racing computer games based on this particular activity. Again, it is a great marketing ploy to choose a popular topic to help sell a product.

Using a breed of dog for the marketing of products can be a good thing, because not only does it help to sell the product, but it also assists in promoting the breed itself.