There are many breeds of dogs to choose from. Dogs make the best companions and have been known to be of great health benefits when you own one.


The Greyhound breed has been in existence for approximately 4000 years. This breed was recognized in ancient times, even in the bible. Greyhounds in ancient times were found in kingdoms of Greece, Egypt, and Persia. There were owned by royalty. Exploration of ancient tombs in Egypt showed this breed to be mummified. They were thought to be companions for their owners who had passed on.

About the Breed

Greyhounds were originally bred as hunting dogs. This canine is known for its speed, agility, and grace. The greyhound can spot prey. They have exceptional sight senses. They can pursue and capture game at an incredible speed. The greyhound breed was owned by the most prestigious throughout time.

During the Middle Ages

Just before the middle ages, during the many famines, the greyhound was no longer recognized by those of prestige. As time passed the greyhound once again found its place with royalty. During this period it became a major crime to kill this breed of dog. The life of a greyhound was valued more than that of a human. The average person was not allowed to own greyhounds. The noble had to be allowed by the King to own this breed or to breed them.

Enlightenment and Industrialization

During this period of time, the status of the greyhound did not change. However, the greyhound was no longer considered to be better than humans. They were still considered as a symbol of great status. At this time, hunting was not considered to be all that important. As man became involved in business life, the greyhounds were used more for sporting events.

Greyhound Racing

The greyhound was prominently known for its agility and speed. The greyhound breed at this time was put to use in arenas. Sporting events were first created as a competition friendly in nature among business rivals. Each owners greyhound would race against the others. Soon after dog racing became a recognized gaming sport. Dog racing became more popular than horse racing.

England became the first country to be recognized for greyhound racing as it is today. The first races were run using a unit that was mechanical in nature. The results were not as was hoped for. It was then that the jackrabbit was again used.

The Racing Life of a Greyhound

Life for a greyhound that is involved in racing is far different than living life as a pampered companion. The racing offspring when firstborn are kept in large kennels. They are taught to run and socialize. At the age of three months, their ears are tattooed. One tattoo represents their birthday and the other represents a number associated with the racing events. This is for id purposes. The racing greyhound’s identification number is recorded and kept at the National Greyhound Association. The headquarters for the industry.


At three months the puppies begin training for racing. They are taught to recognize the lure and then develop chasing skills. They are taught not to lose their focus by the distraction of other canines.

In the last several years the greyhounds have become more popular as a family pet. They have some great characteristics about them that make them a great choice to bring into the family.